White Calla Lilies

White Calla Lilies
White Aethiopica Calla Lilies
Example of the Z. aethiopica grows naturally in marshy areas, with Giant 5-8 inch Blooms!
This classic 'Giant White' Calla, immortalized in painting and tapestry for centuries, and yet so easy to grow in home or garden! These big flowers are elegant, long-lasting, and very dependable, and the plant thrives in sun or deep shade and moist areas that most other bulbs can't tolerate. Fresh white cut calla lilies are available everywhere these days.
If the old fashioned large white callas are to big for you...choose the beautiful white mini calla lilies... these beautiful calla flowers are used in almost every wedding. White Mini Calla Lilies are used as wedding focal flowers, for boutonnieres, in bridal bouquets, wedding reception table vases, and as cake decorations.
White calla boutonniere
White mini
calla used as
White mini
callas used
in a wedding
bouquet - usually
about 15-25 stems
are used:

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